What’s digital life like on the NBN’s FTTH?

A few mths back we were lucky enough to have the NBN’s FTTH installed at our home, and went from an ADSL line that could barely push 2Mbps to a fibre optic line that can push 96Mbps. That’s quite the upgrade, to say the least, and for less money than we were paying previously, seems we were able to finally ditch the Telstra landline as a result. :)

So what’s the digital life like being on FTTH? It’s funny, but after a while on FTTH you kind of forget that you are on FTTH, and you start to forget how mind blowingly incredible FTTH really is. FTTH starts becoming normal, or the way the internet should be experienced, without the constraints of 19th century copper line technology holding it back.

Had a glance around the the house the other night, just after watching hulu on my iPad, and the wife was watching some Dr Who on her iPad, my sons were playing COD online, the oldest son was playing some LoL with a twitch.TV stream coming down on his other monitor, and my daughters were watching some catch up Big Brother (sigh) on a laptop, all at the same time.

To explain to someone who’s not technically minded, what the NBN’s FTTH is all about, it’s like there’s 5 showers in the house and everyone can have a shower at the same time, getting full pressure and heat, without impacting on the others.

That’s my experience with the NBN’s FTTH. :)

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