FTTH, so close Australia but now maybe so far?

Ok, so the Federal election is done and dusted as Aussies took time off from important activities such as surfing and got out and voted -


And the result was pretty much inline with expectations, that being the LNP won in a somewhat landslide -


And the Labor party has been sent into the political wilderness, to rebuild and basically regroup -

Kevin Rudd Concedes Election Defeat In Brisbane

As is the case with all elections, there are winners and losers. Unfortunately for Australians, one of those losers looks like being the NBN, with the LNP determined to nerf it back to a (not much) cheaper and (far) inferior FTTN rollout, that uses the existing aging copper network for the last mile of data delivery (creating the ultimate data choke point), from powered double fridge like “Nodes”, that have fibre connected to them, in our streets. Fibre is run from the exchanges to the nodes, and then it’s up to the old copper lines to handle the data from the node to the homes.


I for one see this as a massive mistep for Australia, in continuing to use 19th century copper line technology as part of a 21st century network, creating the ultimate data choke points, and severely limiting the upgrade capacity of the network in the future.


Right now the NBN is rolling out fibre to the home, which takes us from the backwaters of the net, where the average broadband speed is around 4Mbps, up to the front of the speed class, with speed up to 100Mbps for now and 1,000Mbps by the end of 2013. So we’re going from having some of the worst internet speeds in the developed world, to having the best internet speeds, thanks to fibre to the home internet.


If you’d like to petition the incoming Australian government to keep the FTTH rollout, you can do that here.

If you sign that petition, I personally guarantee that you’ll feel -


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