Does your website have a mobile version??

So this morning, as per my routine, I’m reading through the Flipboard feeds on my iPad, with a green tea in my comfy chair, when I come across an article in Tech Crunch about Google punishing your site if it doesn’t have a mobile version -

Running a website not optimized for smartphones? Guess what, you’ve been put on notice. Google is using its influence and the power of its algorithm to finally force web publishers to fix their mobile website configuration issues, or risk getting downranked in Google Search. Directing smartphone users to 404′s? You lose.

The first thought to mind was wow, we at are hosting over 6,000 domains at last count, and I’m betting most of those domains don’t have a mobile website version for smartphones and whatnot. Then to my horror, as this thought is still lingering in my mind, I realise hold it, we don’t have a mobile website version either!! How the heck did we miss this? Sometimes you get so caught up in the day to day runnings, that you miss obvious things like this.

So guess what made its way to the top of one of my lists, yep, a mobile version for Do you have a mobile version for your site? Do you think it matters? What a huge market out there for budding web developers to create mobile versions of regular sites. :)

And BTW, Google just served the final death blow to Adobe Flash too -

But the recommendation which stuck out was the one which stated that sites should not embed video that doesn’t play on smartphones.


One thought on “Does your website have a mobile version??

  1. Yes. Mobile versions have been my focus for the last 6 months. I’d been watching the steady rise of mobile clients on our stats. We have gone the responsive route / media queries – rather than js. detection.

    If you operating in international territories some domains have almost the inverse mobile/desktop ratios compared to aus data. I would say it’s THE defining practice in web design now.

    Cheers ian

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